10 Best Things About Living in Littleton Colorado


10 Best Things About Living in Littleton Colorado

Littleton, Colorado has a relaxed atmosphere and tons of fun events and attractions, making it an ideal place to put down roots. Lots of people are moving in to call Littleton home and finding that it’s a great place to live. So, let’s take a look at the ten best things about this local gem.

1. Enjoyable Eats Abound in Littleton

Foodies love Littleton. Restaurants flourish here, especially smaller, locally-owned joints with their own take on their distinctive cuisine.

Harley’s a Hot Dog Revolution is a quaint mom and pop eatery with delicious and inventive franks. The Holy Guacamole Dog brings out the fire with a chorizo hot dog topped off with homemade guacamole, lettuce and bits of tortilla chips.

Toast is a cozy spot with exceptional breakfasts worthy of royalty. The deliciousness is embodied in items like the smoked salmon benedict, banana walnut french toast, and honey fried chicken & pancakes.

2. Littleton Breweries Bring On the Beer

With brews locally concocted, bringing distinctive flavors that are only available in Littleton, beer lovers find a lot to enjoy in the city’s neighborhood breweries.

At Locavore Beer Works the specialty is handcrafted beers. They have 20 rotating taps with everything from imperial stouts to India pale ales. Pets are welcome, and the ambiance is friendly and comfortable.

Living the Dream Brewing produces an eclectic mix of beers, like their Cherry McGuire fruit beer, Festivus Fireside barleywine, and Plaid Pants Irish dry stout. They also offer gluten reduced beer options.

3. Biking and Walking in Littleton — Follow the Trail

Colorado is known for its connection with nature, and the trails making their way through Littleton provide a bit of the outdoors in the city, or they can transport you to the close-in other local cities and countrysides.

High Line Canal biking trail connects Littleton to areas to the northeast as far as Aurora. The trail stretching through the Littleton area draws bikers, hikers, and horse riders. Breathtakingly beautiful on some stretches, it’s an excellent ramble whether you’re just ambling along on foot or pushing your limits on your bike.

4. Making Your Way With Ease on Littleton’s Light Rail

The D and C light rail lines cut through Littleton at Littleton Station to transport riders to the heart of Denver or any of its suburbs. Littleton is far enough into the rural countryside for you to enjoy nature on a short trip out of town, or you can use the light rail to get into the gridlock of Denver. It’s the best of all worlds, depending on your plan for the day.

Denver’s light rail transports soon-to-be-airborne commuters from downtown Denver to the runway at the Denver International Airport with a 45-minute ride.

5. Your Mountain Retreat is Only a Drive Away

Colorado is known for its mountainous terrain. Littleton has beautiful panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains to the west. High altitude vacation escapes are nestled throughout the mountains to the west.

Whether they’re staying in warm cabins among the trees, or in ski lodge accommodations alongside the ski slopes, the mountains are the second home of many Colorado residents. Littleton residents refresh themselves in the mountains.

6. A Climate with Perfect Summers and Fun Winters

With average highs in the 80’s in the summer and comfortable temperatures in the spring and fall, Littleton’s climate is perfect for outdoor enjoyment in the city or the mountains. In Summer residents hit the streets and lounge in outdoor seating at local restaurants and breweries.

Wintertime makes for great sledding, and fun in the snow in the Littleton area. Littleton is just a short drive to some the best skiing on the planet, places like Breckenridge, Vail, Winter Park and many more. Every season has something to offer in the high Rockies.

7. Concerts Bring in the Tunes at Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens is an outdoor venue showcasing concerts and events throughout the year.

The Summer Concert Series goes throughout the Summer with concerts held on Sunday evenings. Bands usually center around 70’s and 80’s classic rock. Past performers have included the B-52’s, Joan Jett, Gladys Knight, Creedence Clearwater Revisited and Chris Isaak.

8. Littleton’s Parks Provide Abundant Greenery

Littleton abounds with green areas, with 1,500 acres of parks and natural areas within city limits. Chatfield State Park, just southwest of Littleton, includes a campground and lake complete with a marina for boating enthusiasts.

The South Platte river meanders through Littleton, and it has been a significant focus of parks development in the city. South Platte Park and the Mary Carter Greenway are both excellent green areas abounding with plant life, trails, and nature.

9. It’s Party Time — City Party Events in Downtown

Western Welcome Week has fun festivities to celebrate the community and city of Littleton. It begins with a concert and fireworks. One of the mid-festival highlights is the Stick Horse Stampede, a race for the kids. The celebration concludes with the Grand Parade, a succession of marchers like school bands, pipe bands, tractors, floats and equestrians.

The Main Street Block Party is a family event that fires off with two fireworks shows, live entertainment, street performances and great food. Admission is free.

10. Old Time Charm in the Historic Downtown Area

The ambiance of Littleton’s downtown area hearkens to simpler times with buildings constructed at the turn of the century and businesses owned by locals who value Littleton’s old-time charm and character. Also, farms that have been in operation since 1860 are near the city limits.

The Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants Association provides an online interactive map with old-time photos and information about the history of Littleton, making for a trip back in time for visitors.

Use the Services of Your Expert Littleton Realtor
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Obamacare Tax on Real Estate: Just the Facts

There is a new fear among those selling real estate. The fear is that there is a tax on all real estate transactions under Obamacare. There’s no need to worry; not every transaction will be taxed. Let’s look at what this tax really will be.
The tax affects investment properties, and only after certain income requirements. It’s not a sales tax, but a levy tax. The tax was created as a Medicare tax of 3.8% for high income households. Not all real estate transactions are subject to this new tax, nor will all investment transactions be subject to the additional rate.
The first hurdle that needs to be cleared for the tax to apply to your transaction is your household has to earn a combined income of $250,000.00 or greater, and individuals must earn more than $200,000.00. Clearly, this stipulation alone doesn’t apply to the average home seller.
Next, the investment property must have a return on investment above the capital gains threshold of $250,000.00 for an individual or $500,000.00 for a couple.
So, basically you have to earn $200,000.00 individually, or $250,000.00 combined and sell the investment property for more than $250,000.00 individually, or $500,000.00 combined for the Obamacare tax to affect your real estate deal.
Hopefully, this clears up some confusion about the new tax. If you have any further questions regarding selling real estate we will be happy to help you, so give us a call.

Want Your Offer to Stand Out in a Bidding War? Write a Letter

It is certainly a seller’s market right now, and bidding wars are more common than not. How can you help your offer stand out from the rest? Consider writing a letter.

Writing a letter is the easiest thing a buyer can do to stand out from other buyers. Think about it: When was the last time you wrote a letter?  With email, Facebook status updates, tweets, texts, and all those other places to leave a comment in the electronic universe, nobody sends or receives letters anymore. The fact that you took the time to include something personal in your offer will at least get it a closer look from the seller.

Your letter should include something personal. Appeal to the seller’s humanity. Have children? Tell the seller how much your kids would love playing in the backyard, or how the finished basement would make the perfect playroom. Let them know your dog has never had a yard complete with his own doggy door, and how great it would be. Compliment the crown molding. Wax poetic about the wood floors. However, you have to be honest. Nobody likes a canned or empty compliment. Consider thanking the current owners for making time for their house to be available for a showing.

Keep in mind the best letter won’t make up for a low offer in today’s market. If the house in question is the one for you, make sure to put your best offer on the table. A letter to go with your strong offer will help you stand out in the crowd. If you are ready to purchase a home of your very own, give us a call. We will help you find the perfect house to call home.


New Life Coming to Marathon Oil Research Facility

The former Marathon Oil research facility, located in Littleton, has been purchased by WIP Littleton Village LLC. It is destined to become Littleton’s largest mixed-use project. Marathon Oil closed its doors 13 years ago, and the 77 acre property has been vacant since.
The approved plans for the site include retail space, single family homes, multi-family homes, open space, and a central park. The site is located between East Geddes Avenue, and East Dry Creek.
Members of Littleton’s city council are excited for Littleton Village to be built. This will be the first time in years
single family homes have been built in the city center. The mayor is hopeful the development will bring an influx of families.
Employees of Littleton Adventist Hospital are thrilled. Littleton Village is located just south of the hospital, and when the residences are complete, employees who live there will be able to walk or bike to work.
The property has been fenced off and is ready for development to begin.
If you are interested in finding a place to call home in Littleton, give us a call. We will meet all your real estate needs.

Lenders are beginning to offer greater flexibility for mortgages again

Don’t expect the crazy loans that were available a few years ago, but you can expect it to be a bit easier to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Several lending companies are relaxing their credit score caveat if you have a healthy down payment. You also need solid, dependable income to qualify for a lower credit score friendly loan.

Some companies are also bringing back low-down payment loans. Some loans only require as little as three to five percent down. You will need a good credit score, and track record with paying debts. These programs don’t include the FHA loans which only require 3.5 percent down.

Stated-Income loans are making a comeback, mortgage lenders will help perspective borrowers who are self-employed. These loans are not nearly as easy to obtain as they used to be. You will need a big down payment, and the rates are higher than more traditional style mortgage loans. It is believed that climbing rates are driving these relaxed requirements for obtaining a mortgage loan. As the rates slowly climb higher, it’s likely more lenders will relax their requirements for securing a home loan.

Ready to buy a place to call home? Call us! We would love to help all your real estate dreams come true.