Want Your Offer to Stand Out in a Bidding War? Write a Letter

It is certainly a seller’s market right now, and bidding wars are more common than not. How can you help your offer stand out from the rest? Consider writing a letter.

Writing a letter is the easiest thing a buyer can do to stand out from other buyers. Think about it: When was the last time you wrote a letter?  With email, Facebook status updates, tweets, texts, and all those other places to leave a comment in the electronic universe, nobody sends or receives letters anymore. The fact that you took the time to include something personal in your offer will at least get it a closer look from the seller.

Your letter should include something personal. Appeal to the seller’s humanity. Have children? Tell the seller how much your kids would love playing in the backyard, or how the finished basement would make the perfect playroom. Let them know your dog has never had a yard complete with his own doggy door, and how great it would be. Compliment the crown molding. Wax poetic about the wood floors. However, you have to be honest. Nobody likes a canned or empty compliment. Consider thanking the current owners for making time for their house to be available for a showing.

Keep in mind the best letter won’t make up for a low offer in today’s market. If the house in question is the one for you, make sure to put your best offer on the table. A letter to go with your strong offer will help you stand out in the crowd. If you are ready to purchase a home of your very own, give us a call. We will help you find the perfect house to call home.


New Life Coming to Marathon Oil Research Facility

The former Marathon Oil research facility, located in Littleton, has been purchased by WIP Littleton Village LLC. It is destined to become Littleton’s largest mixed-use project. Marathon Oil closed its doors 13 years ago, and the 77 acre property has been vacant since.
The approved plans for the site include retail space, single family homes, multi-family homes, open space, and a central park. The site is located between East Geddes Avenue, and East Dry Creek.
Members of Littleton’s city council are excited for Littleton Village to be built. This will be the first time in years
single family homes have been built in the city center. The mayor is hopeful the development will bring an influx of families.
Employees of Littleton Adventist Hospital are thrilled. Littleton Village is located just south of the hospital, and when the residences are complete, employees who live there will be able to walk or bike to work.
The property has been fenced off and is ready for development to begin.
If you are interested in finding a place to call home in Littleton, give us a call. We will meet all your real estate needs.